Sponsorship Opportunities

As a sponsor, your company will be positioned amongst the most influential and important players across the maritime industry. Cyber Security for Ports and Terminals 2022 will provide your company with the opportunity to place your marketing and branding in front of elite C-Level Port and Terminal attendees as well as thought-leading industry professionals; enabling you to secure new business, service your existing clients and engage in industry dialogue.

Brand Awareness

You can establish your brand as an industry leader and position yourselves on an equal footing to larger competitors. As PTI is a media company we have many ways to help you through our various online publications and platforms

Innovation & Leadership

Demonstrate and strengthen your commitment to driving technology adoption and position yourself as a key enabler and partner of choice in driving sustainability, automation, safety and cost savings

Thought Leadership

Ensure the market is fully conscious of the unique benefits of your solutions and advantages of partnering / investing with you at a time when they are gathering to discuss specific challenges and opportunities you can help them solve

Customer Perception

Sponsoring an event is a good way to demonstrate an expertise in your field to the Ports and Terminals whilst building a great brand reputation. PTI’s Ports and Terminals communities love brands that care about spreading positive messages and helping them with timely solutions to real operational challenges

Lead Generation

Port and Terminal professionals attend PTI’s events to learn from and interact with other professionals. Consequently, they are more open to new products and services which can be a great opportunity for your brand to present your latest solutions and collect new business leads


Ports and Terminals communities are more involved with your brand. PTI’s Ports and Terminals communities are the largest and most globally represented in the industry so engagement with them helps you focus on what matters at the moment whether your desired activity is business development or account management

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International Business Development Manager

E: dsendova@porttechnology.org

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