David Nordell

Research Associate

Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Centre of Haifa University

David Nordell is a research associate in the leading maritime security think tank, the Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Centre of Haifa University, where he specialises in maritime cyber and technology threats, and is an international cybersecurity and information strategy consultant and thought leader.

He has had a long career combining information, security and technology, and first got involved in hacking computers when he was a journalist for the Associated Press during the early 80s. He was the first professional adviser to the Israeli government on Internet and information infrastructure policy, and consulted for other Israeli government and industry bodies.

He is a thought leader on maritime cybersecurity and has spoken at international maritime industry and cybersecurity conferences in all over the world. He has briefed key international and national organisations including the UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate, the International Maritime Organisation and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre. He has also spoken twice during the last year at international conferences at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Centre in Crete, both on cybersecurity and on terrorism threats to maritime critical infrastructure.

David has a degree in civil engineering from Southampton University, and served in a reserve special forces unit of the British Army.